On Amazon, L Ellin says: "The alarm didnt work?Or the process?

Just got ours and the alarm doesnt go off. "

You need to read more reviews at Amazon for this poor Dry-Me product that bedwettingstore.com and Just Home Medical are trying to force upon unsuspecting customers. And even more negative comments on this site. This item seems to be a real loser.

Surely you can find something that works reliably. And a seller who isn't out to "get" every competitor that that he/she can! People talk about getting the FTC after the bedwettingstore.com for anti-competitive practices with lots of phony bad-mouthing. Look at www.bed-wettingalarms.com which gives detailed descriptions of many bedwetting alarms.

Unfortunately, they do not pass judgement on what is "***." Looking at the features there, Dry-Me would look good.But it doesn't work!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Just pointing out that another posting against Bedwettingstore.com had several comments.Today they are all missing.

Bedwettingstore.com must have had them removed.

First, I did not know that pissedconsumer gave in to rip-off people like bedwettigstore.com.

Second, this stuff that bedwettingstore.com started must now be really getting under their skin!Publicity is a two-edged sword, which can really cut the person that lies.


You are so right!Bedwettingstore.com is working hard at ruining whatever image it may have had by all of the false stuff they are posting.

I wonder if the've simply lost it!

Business and mind!Weird, and even creepy!


Dry-Me or the Bedwettingstore.com?Dry-Me is a bad product which doesn't work.

Bedwettingstore.com is a bad business which makes its living by bad-mouthing competitors and competitive products. Very poor ethics. Violates FTC rules about anti-competition.

So Bedwettingstore.com doesn't work ethically or legally as it should.Maybe both should be "retired." (polite word - retired).

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